Ugly City Maniacs Book I

And so it begins…

A comic I’ve been wanting to make for almost 2-3 years now but never had the confidence or peace of mind for it. Planned for 120-200 pages. I’m hoping of getting it printed once it’s all done, will probably redo the lettering and other small fixes for it.

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Minecraft Chapter 20

Download link:

Don’t have much time or internet to play anymore. But luckily for you there’s sill a ton of dumb shit left to be told!

Unfortunately for you, after moving to a new city, getting an apartment and not having a job; I can’t afford to be wasting away time and supplies so if you wanna see more: someone’s gotta pay, not sure exactly what backers can get for extras, space at the end for a little note or something?

Money goes into art supplies and getting a new tablet. Who knows maybe I’ll be able to afford inking with a brush pen!

Comic Chapter $3 per page
Plus Tone $3 for tone(Includes all pages for that chapter.)
Plus Colour $5 (or +2 after tone) for colour(Includes all pages for that chapter.)


Chaps Pages Total Price
20 8 $24-29CDN (Construction of Rapture begins)
21 8 $24-29CDN (Shenanigans I guess)
22 10 $30-35CDN
23 7 $21-26CDN


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Also this.

And this.

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Sketches 7

Practicing my inking and playing around with a brush pen. Finally getting the hang of it.

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WOAH, What?

And finally some progress:

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Taking Commissions?

Would anyone be interested?
I’m pretty much up to drawing anything. 2b2t stuff, softcore/pinup crap, whateves.
Not sure on what I’ll be charging, but it won’t be much.


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