The Death Runner Saga (2010- )

Started in late 2010, The Death Runner was originally planned as a stress-free one volume work of just dumb stream of conscious violence and retarded characters, plot and dialogue. Really just a drawing exercise.

Minecraft (2011- )

A retelling of my adventures(with some embellishment) on the infamous Minecraft server.

“No moderating, No admins, No rules. Nothing. You’re on your own, or with buddies, to conquer the world full of grief and rapists.
Combines multiple communities including facepunch, something awful, /v/, /b/, idiots from server lists and more to create an even more horrible world.”

Layout by TCB

One Last Day (2012- )

Various (animal)people fight for more than survival in a post-apocalyptic city.

Ugly City Maniacs (2012- )


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